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A Simplified Property Loan Calculator

This calculator provides a simplified estimates of your income requirement and affordability when you are considering to secure a private residences for your own stay or investment purpose. The calculated results are estimates taking into account of Total Debt Service Ratio (TDSR) and Loan-to-value (LTV) requirement as stipulated by housing authority. The results are estimates for your prior consideration.

*TDSR is a maximum dept service ratio at 60% of the income that a buyer can be used to finance a private residences monthly. This 60% cap the maximum monthly debt servicing that include property loan, car loan, credit card liabilities and any other loans that one is still servicing.*

For more in-depth estimates, kindly contact licensed agent @ +65-90624481 for free consultation or any banking officer for assistance. Buyer should seek the bankers for the exact figures and final loan amount to be approved for financing the property purchases.

The above estimated results are derived on an assumption that the borrower currently is not holding any credit liabilities such as outstanding credit card bills, servicing an existing loan, as a loan guarantor etc that are required to be factored in when applying 60% TDSR rule for final loan amount approval. For more details, please consult your preferred bankers or seek licensed and experienced real estate agent for assistance in further analysis and assset progression planning.

Please contact your preferred agent, Glyn Yong @ +65 90624481 (SMS/WhatsApp/Call} for a no obligation, free consultation meeting.

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